In 2000, Joan Brosnan set out to give the then-sleepy town of Montauk, NY exactly what it needed: a hip little joint dishing out good food for the soul and palate. South of Main Street, within walking distance to the beach and to Montauk village, Joni debuted her quaint take-out or grab-a-picnic-table "kitchen". Instantly notable, Joni's became a foody's hidden gem, frequented by artists, writers, celebrities and the surfer set. Walk into Joni's Kitchen and there's an immediately seaside vibe - turquoise hues, retro Hawaiian postcards and vintage surfing photos fill the sunny walls.

Each season Joni tweaks the extensive menu of creative breakfast offerings, pressed sandwiches, and artistic salads. Her ingredients are wholesome, organic (and when called for, "oh not so organic")  featuring a pulled-together medley of edible favorites - including delectable options for the gluten free-ers, vegetarians and vegans. The "all fresh fruit" smoothies and squeezed juices are worth queuing up for, as is the kids menu for mini dudes.

Joni prides herself today as a Montauk local. Growing up on Manhattan's upper east side as a student of art and photography, Joni cherished summers in Montauk with her family. It was then she fell in love with the magical surf town. Back in the New York City, she craved nature and water, color and horizons. Years later she would return, this time with her husband and a passion for fresh ingredients, unique flavors and a mission to bring healthy, yummy eats to the tip of the east end. Joni is mom to boy-and-girl twins and is grateful they will grow up among the beauty of Montauk. She urges everyone to "Keep our beaches clean. Leave your footprints but nothing else," (in other words, clean up your garbage!) A gesture we should all take to heart, ambassadored through that beaming smile and sun-kissed face of hers.